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Geeks On-site Computer Repairs offers comprehensive residential and commercial computer repair services, networking security services, and solutions including computer upgrades We specialize on in home computer repair and in office computer repair.

Virus Removal Service & Spyware Removal Services

We can help you remove a single virus or spyware infection or thousands of infections. Virus and/or Spyware infections are the most common computer problem and we have helped thousands of our customers clean their computers. In some cases the infection can be cleaned up with a few tweaks in 15 minutes and in the worst case scenario we can backup your data and wipe your system completely clean.

Speed Up Slow Computer

Over time computers get slower and slower because they tend to gather junk. We will check your computer's start-up items to ensure it is as lean as possible. We will uninstall any unused computer programs and clear out temporary files. We can remove extra toolbars and widgets that are just slowing down your computer. Finally we will check your computer memory and if need be suggest upgrades.

Apple MAC Computer Repair

We also service apple macintosh computers and laptops. Including iMacs, iBooks, macbooks, mac minis, and all other types of apple macintosh computers. We can help you with software and hardware issues including operating system install, operating system upgrades, macs that don't boot up, macs that require lcd replacement, etc.

Laptop & Notebook Repair Services

We all know how fragile laptops can be, they are carried around all the time and take tons of abuse. We can help with a broken LCD that needs to be replaced, bad keyboard with broken or missing keys, or almost any other laptop issue.

Personal Computer Training

It can be frustrating working on a computer and not knowing what buttons to push. So many of your friends and family seem to be enjoying their computers so much which you are always frustrated. Make a list of things you want to learn or just ask for general computer training and we will send out a friendly tech to help you get better acquainted with your computer and teach you how to get the tasks you want done, done!

Internet Configuration Repair

We can troubleshoot your existing dial-up or broadband internet connection and/or help you configure a new one. Also we can help share the connection with multiple computers and/or devices using a router. Sometimes the problem just lies with one device like a desktop, laptop, or gaming console; we can isolate the issue and get you back on the internet.

New Computer Setup

Buying a new computer can be fun but setting it up is a daunting task, all those color coded wires that won't fit. We can come out and help you with everything from unpacking the box to getting your computer up and connected to the internet with your e-mail. We can also help transfer data from your old computer to your new one to help make the change seamless.

Data Backup & Data Recovery Services

Data is truly the most important item on your computer. It is all that personal stuff including documents, pictures, music, e-mail, favorites, etc.; the things you can't live without. We know how frustrating it can be when your data is at risk and we will do our best to recover it and get it back to you safely. If you haven't had data issues yet, perfect! We can help you setup a backup so you never do. You can rely on our data recovery help.

For Networking Security, Computer Upgrades, Wireless Networks Troubleshooting & Virus Removal Service

Computer Repairs & Upgrade Services

If your computer just won't boot or you have a broken LCD screen, our computers repairs and upgrades are just what your looking for. We can help you determine which parts are bad, order replacements or suggest upgrades, and install them in your computer properly. We can also assist with operating system or software upgrades and ensure you have the appropriate hardware to do so.

Computer Networking & Security

Ensuring your network is up and running securely is very important and we can help you with it. We can make sure each computer is connected properly and has access to network resources. We can add additional connections and configure them. Also we can make sure your network resources are secure and only authorized users have access.

Wireless Network Troubleshooting

We can troubleshoot your existing wireless network or help you setup a totally new one. Also we can help you add devices to your existing wireless network. Sometimes the problem just lies with one device like a desktop, laptop, or gaming console; we can isolate the issue and get you back on the internet. We do stock wireless routers and adapters with us in case we need to replace one.

Computer Troubleshooting Services

Troubleshooting encompasses anything that doesn't fit the other categories. We can help you check settings, make adjustments, help with upgrades, find out why you can't do x, or why that message won't go away, etc. All your problems can be solved, just have one of our on-site techs help you troubleshoot them away.

Computer Install OS and/or Reinstall OS

If your operating system is acting up and you have tried everything, sometimes the best remedy is to start fresh. We can help you start over with a fresh install of your operating system. We will also ensure that all the proper drivers are loaded so all your devices work such as your printer, sound, video, ethernet, etc. We can also help you reinstall the software your computer had before. We also do help upgrade your operating system if that is what you prefer.

Geek Computer Repair offers networking security services, and many other solutions including computer upgrades.

Geeks On-Site is a Maryland Computer Repair company. Our offerings include: Virus Removal, Maryland Laptop Repair, Local, In Home, Laptop and Slow Computer Repair.

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