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Still Using Windows XP

Still Using Windows XP?
A few months ago, Microsoft put and end to user support to Windows XP.  As a result, many people rushed into stores and upgrades their Windows XP computers to Windows 7 or 8.  Some even switched...Read More


Am I Sending Viruses Through Email?

  Unfortunately, we have all been here before. You get an email from a friend you haven't talked to in over five years. Excited to reconnect, you open the email and find a bare link with no other descriptions. When you click the link, you get...Read More


Making Your Own Windows 8 Recovery Image

One of the greatest features of Windows 8 is its built-in dual recovery systems.  There are two types of recoveries that have made their way onto Windows 8.  The refresh recovery acts more as a simple tune up and will reignite a once unusable opera...Read More


Zeus Virus

With more people now using social networks more than ever, a nasty virus code-named “Zeus” has been causing quite a stir within the last month.  Unlike most viruses such as the FBI virus that completely compromise a user’s system, Zeus operate...Read More

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Renaming File Extensions

Every once in a while, we try to open files only to find out that they won’t load for some reason.  Our initial response is to think that the file has become corrupted.  Once we realize that the file is, in fact, fine we look other places.  Why ...Read More


Dangers of HP’s Built-in Recovery Manager

One of the most common practices when a computer experiences software errors is to perform a system recovery.  A system recovery is a built-in utility that allows the user to reset their computer back to its factory settings.  While this seems like...Read More

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My Laptop Screen is Black!

Laptops are very convenient because they can pack powerful computers in such a small frame.  They give us the ability to carry our computers with us, and get work done in places that would be impossible with a desktop computer.  You find yourself s...Read More


Raid What?

After finally dealing with the loss of your precious 10-year old Windows XP computer, you decide its time to move on.  You eagerly head over to your local brick and mortar and start looking up and down the computer selection.  You come across a shi...Read More


Should I Pay for PC Cleaning/Speed Up Apps?

If you have every used the internet, which is all of you if you are reading this, then you are well aware of the abundance of Windows Cleaning/Speed Up Apps.  They go by various names and they all aim to speed up a computer.  Many have fallen victi...Read More


Using Google Cloud Printing

Wireless printing has always been a major headache for the everyday computer user.  They are complicated, frustrating, and usually result in hiring a computer repair company to set them up.  However, recently, there has been a major shift in what w...Read More

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