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Latest News

A few months ago, Microsoft put and end to user support to Windows XP. As a result, many people rushed into stores and upgrades their Windows XP computers to Windows 7 or 8. Some even switched to Mac because of this. But what if you are still using Windows XP? Are you protected? Will all your information be compromised? Here are a few useful tips that can keep you safe running Windows XP into the future.
Unfortunately, we have all been here before. You get an email from a friend you haven't talked to in over five years. Excited to reconnect, you open the email and find a bare link with no other descriptions. When you click the link, you get redirected to a faux-site that is asking you to enter your contact information. Unbeknownst to you, this is actually spam and a virus. Your computer is infected and in a few short days, you start getting emails from angry friends upset that you have sent them a virus. How could this happen? How can this be Read below and find out to how to make sure this doesn't happen to you!
One of the greatest features of Windows 8 is its built-in dual recovery systems. There are two types of recoveries that have made their way onto Windows 8. The refresh recovery acts more as a simple tune up and will reignite a once unusable operating system. The other is a full system recovery which will kick into gear even the most corrupted OS. However, it is a real painful, tedious, and time-consuming task to start from scratch. This guide will show how to make your own customer system recovery in Windows 8.
With more people now using social networks more than ever, a nasty virus code-named ďZeusĒ has been causing quite a stir within the last month. Unlike most viruses such as the FBI virus that completely compromise a userís system, Zeus operates quietly in the background and doesn't make its appearance known. In this blog, you can will find out more about Zeus, what its harmful effects are, and how to protect your computer from this virus.
Every once in a while, we try to open files only to find out that they wonít load for some reason. Our initial response is to think that the file has become corrupted. Once we realize that the file is, in fact, fine we look other places. Why wonít my document load? I canít seem to open my pictures! The answer usually has something to do with the file extensions. And can we change the extension or more than one file at a time?
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Geeks On-site Computer Repair Testimonials

Computer Repair & Laptop Repair Testimonials

"You guys really took care of my computer and I will recommend to you all of my friends. The computer virus repair service really does work."
-John F. (Potomac, MD)

"You are a Lifesaver. It looks like I have a lot to learn about my mac, I had mac computer repair service performed."
-Ronald D. (Lanham, MD)

"You saved me a lot of trouble and money with your laptop repair service."
-Ofield D. (Washington, DC)

"Your computer repair technicians service was outstanding. I feel much more comfortable using my computer and TV now. I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and family."
-William W. (Washington, DC)

"You are so fast! I worked on that Internet issue for hours and you fixed it in minutes. You guys are great at wireless network troubleshooting."
-Dr. Michael S. (Gaithersburg, MD)

"We had a large project and we appreciate you guys working longer and getting the job done."
-Diana T. (Herndon, VA)

"You are always super quick! Thanks for helping with the desktop, slingbox, laptop, and ipod. Your computer repair specialists are the absolute best and most reliable."
-Robert S. (Olney, MD)

"You guys stuck with me and did not quit till the job was done right, I really appreciate that. I will recommend your home computer repair service to others."
-Ramona W. (Gaithersburg, MD)

"I will continue to recommend you! I appreciate you putting in the extra time to help with pc repair."
-Mark B. (Herndon, VA)

"I feel great knowing that you are always just a simple phone call away! Thanks for all the wonderful work and you really did speed up my slow computer."
-Linda L. (Rockville, MD)

"You guys are great! I called less than 30 minutes ago and here you are. Fast computer service!"
-Eric V. (Clarksburg, MD)

"Your training methods really work for me and I also love the detailed instructions you wrote."
-Marta R. (Bethesda, MD)

"You do not look like a geek! How could you do all of that stuff? I would recommend you guys for apple computer repair."
-Irene W. (Bethesda, MD)

"You guys really know your way around a computer! Thanks for cleaning up the mess with your amazing virus removal service. I am sure I will be using your services again."
-Domenico L. (Gaithersburg, MD)

"Thanks for coming to my rescue again! You guys always get to me fast."
-Nancy M. (Rockville, MD)

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